“Unveiling Demi Lovato’s Tragic Experience: Managerial Abuse Led to Blood Vomiting and Total Control Over Her Actions”

Demi Lovato is busy promoting her latest album, Holy Fvck, which has sparked some of the most honest interviews she has ever given. It’s not surprising, considering the revealing and disputed subject matter of the album’s songs.

Demi Lovato has revealed in her debut single “29” about her past relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, which started when she was a minor and he was an adult. She expresses her disappointment and feels that Wilmer’s actions were predatory, and the adults around her failed to protect her. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not the only instance where Demi was let down by those who were supposed to safeguard her.

During her appearance on Spotify’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Lovato shared her struggles with disordered eating and revealed that a member of her management team made her situation worse. She recounted a low point in 2017 when her security guard noticed she was barricaded in her hotel room, with furniture placed outside her door to prevent her from leaving to eat. Lovato’s condition had become so severe that she was vomiting blood, yet her management team refused to let her seek medical treatment, telling her she wasn’t “sick enough.”

Demi Lovato shared her experience of being discouraged to seek treatment for substance abuse by an individual who did not want the negative attention. She disclosed that her addiction started at a young age, and her mother did not expect to have to safeguard her daughter from opiates at 13 years old. Demi attributes the start of her addiction to bullying and finding an escape. Her first instance of drinking alone should have been a warning sign for her mother. The singer also revealed the first time she tried cocaine was at 17, leading her to enter treatment when she turned 18. Although her journey has not been straightforward, Demi is now doing better than ever before. She is currently dating Jute$, a Canadian singer-songwriter, and is sober. Hopefully, she has the support she needs from her loved ones.

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