Summer Mishap: Demi Lovato Falls at a Pool Party in Los Angeles

Demi Lovato was promoting her newest single Cool For The Summer when something embarrassing happened. She stumbled and fell while in front of hundreds of fans at a pool party in Los Angeles. Although her supporters were initially worried, they soon started laughing when Demi signaled that she was fine by flashing them a peace sign. Check out the video below for a glimpse of what happened.

Demi clod: Lovato failed to live up to the title of her latest song after taking a tumble at an appearance in Los Angeles on Sunday

Demi Lovato had a bit of a mishap at a recent event in Los Angeles, which unfortunately went against the message of her latest song.

I'm OK!: The popstrel proved she is made of stern stuff by flashing a peace sign

The songstress demonstrated her resilience by displaying a peace sign, indicating that she was unharmed. Although her pride may have been slightly damaged, the 22-year-old singer quickly redeemed herself by jumping into the water at the KISS FM Summer Pool Party. She even made light of the incident on Twitter, sharing a humorous tweet that read: “Well… It’s not a tour without busting ass!!!!!! #NOTcoolforthesummer.” Demi seemed to thoroughly enjoy flaunting her figure in a gorgeous green one-piece swimsuit with a low neckline, paired with a white skirt and high heels – the perfect ensemble for any pool party.

Drowning her sorrows: After her humiliating fall she decided to immediately leap into the pool for a cooldown

Soothing her pain: Following her embarrassing stumble, she swiftly jumped into the water to calm herself down.

Putting on a show: The saucy singer certainly gave her fans more than they bargained for with her fall

The seductive vocalist went above and beyond to entertain her audience when she took a tumble on stage. The crowd was in for a surprise as Demi not only dazzled them with her provocative outfit but also put on a live show. However, the performance didn’t go smoothly as planned, as she shrieked when her mischievous colleagues off-stage sprayed water on her. “Cool For The Summer,” a cheerful tune for the season, was launched on July 1, and Demi shared on Instagram that it was one of the best days of her life.

Sing when your winning: At this stage Demi surely did not imagine she would soon be falling over

Demi probably never thought that she would stumble and fall in the near future, but for now she’s singing when she’s winning.

Water you doing: The Latina lovely looked less than pleased when an off-stage prankster gave her a soaking

What are you up to with that water?: The beautiful Latina woman appeared unhappy when someone offstage played a prank on her by drenching her.

Wet a pro: But a canny campaigner like Lovato would not let a little water put her off delivering a performance

Wet a pro: But a canny campaigner like Lovato would not let a little water put her off delivering a performance

Demi Lovato is a seasoned performer who knows how to handle unexpected situations. Even when faced with a bit of rain, she still managed to deliver an amazing show without letting it dampen her spirits.

Going swimmingly: There was plenty of eye candy on display for the gentlemen in the audience

Everything went smoothly: The male viewers had a lot of attractive people to admire.

Sizzling: No doubt Demi wishes her turn maintained the glamour of her new single's sleeve cover

Undoubtedly, Demi aspires that her moment in the spotlight exudes the same allure as the cover of her latest single.

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