Soaking Up the Sun: Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Luxe Turks and Caicos Birthday Bash in Bikinis

On her 19th birthday, Kylie Jenner enjoyed a relaxing time on the beautiful beaches of Turks and Caicos. With her sister Kendall by her side, the reality TV icon basked in the warm sunshine and appeared carefree. She sported a stylish red swimsuit that was complemented by a stunning gold body chain as she lounged on the sand.

Life's a beach: Birthday girl Kylie Jenner looked to not have a care in the world as she lapped up the sunshine with her sister Kendall at Turks and Caicos on Wednesday 

Kylie Jenner celebrated her birthday in style, soaking up the sun with her sister Kendall in Turks and Caicos. The siblings lounged on the beach, turning over onto their stomachs to catch some rays. Kendall looked stunning in a dark red bikini and shades, while Kylie flaunted her figure in a skimpy outfit. Despite Tyga’s arrest warrant, he joined Kylie on the beach to enjoy the luxurious vacation. It was a carefree day for the birthday girl, surrounded by family and a beautiful tropical setting.

Bikini goddess: Kylie was clad in a hot red bathing suit complete with a gold body chain as she laid out on the surf next to her sibling while celebrating her 19th birthday

Kylie spent her 19th birthday at the beach with her sister, rocking a sizzling red bikini that was accessorized with a gorgeous gold body chain. The young entrepreneur looked like a true beach goddess as she soaked up the sun.

New angle: The ladies continued to top off their tans as they rolled over onto their bellies along the shallow depths of the crystal clear water

Resting on their stomachs, the women basked under the sun, enhancing their tans by the shallow waters of the pristine beach. The couple joyfully swam in the clear turquoise water, reveling in each other’s company. On the shore, Tyga relaxed beside Kylie, buried in the sand. While taking a break from cuddling, Kylie enjoyed the warmth of the sun with her female companions.

All eyes on the birthday girl! Jenner's spectacular physique was put on full show as she waded towards the water in her skimpy outfit

Everyone was focused on the birthday girl! Jenner’s amazing body was flaunted as she walked towards the water in her revealing attire.

The look of love: Tyga gazed lovingly towards his other half while buried in the sand 

Tyga’s expression was one of pure love as he gazed at his significant other, while they were both buried in the warm sand.

Having a blast: The couple laughed as they soaked in the ocean blue 

Enjoying Themselves: The couple chuckled as they relaxed in the picturesque blue sea. It all kicked off when they boarded their lavish yacht. As they admired the breathtaking coastline, Kylie wore a grey hat while taking off her small denim shorts. They then proceeded to have some fun with an orange lifebuoy.

All good! Jenner and her rapper beau couldn't contain their grins 

Everything is great! Jenner and her rapper partner were unable to hide their smiles.

Girl time! Jenner was joined by her gal pals, including Jordyn Woods, who donned a tangerine orange bikini and shades to match

Time for some girls’ fun! Jenner hung out with her female friends, including Jordyn Woods, who looked stunning in a vibrant orange bikini and matching shades. The reality star flaunted the gigantic diamond ring given to her by her rapper beau, which she sported on her engagement finger once again. Unfortunately, Tyga received an arrest warrant after he missed his scheduled court appearance in Los Angeles, California, for a deposition.

Cuddle buddy: The reality star clung to her beau while cooling off in the crystal clear waters

Snuggling companion: The TV personality held onto her significant other as they took a dip in the pristine, transparent ocean.

Making a splash: The teen looked to be goofing off with her beau 

Having a blast: The adolescent seemed to be playfully fooling around with her significant other.

All aboard: The teen shed her tiny jean shorts to put her bikini body on full show  

The teenage girl flaunted her bikini body by ditching her small jean shorts. Meanwhile, the popular rapper, Rack City, was supposed to attend court due to his landlord’s reported claim of $480,000 against him for not paying rent on his former Malibu house. The landlord is angry that Tyga spent $200,000 on a black Maybach car as Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday present while still being in debt to him. Tyga was even served with legal papers in an unexpected manner while performing at the Fluxx Night Club in San Diego on July 20.

Glitz and glam: Kylie's gold body chain clung to her curves 

Kylie looked stunning in her glitzy gold body chain that accentuated her curves.

What a lifesaver! The reality star clung to a lifesaver beside her beau

What a lifesaver! The reality star clung to a lifesaver beside her beau

Wow, what a relief! The famous personality held onto a lifebuoy next to her partner.

Loved up: The couple were clearly relaxed as they took in the sunshine 

The couple seemed to be enjoying the sunshine in a relaxed manner. However, recent reports from TMZ suggest that there is an update on the rapper’s case with his landlord. Apparently, Tyga’s lawyer has come to a settlement with the landlord’s law firm for an amount that is less than the $480,000 judgment initially set. With the case now settled, Tyga’s lawyer is expected to make a court appearance on Friday and request the withdrawal of the warrant.

Having some fun! Jenner playfully embraced her friend on the beach 

Having a blast! Jenner jokingly hugged her pal while hanging out on the sandy shores.

Good times: The ladies struck silly poses in the water 

Fun times were had as the women hilariously posed in the refreshing water.

Worried? Not me! Tyga looked carefree while on a luxury holiday in Turks and Caicos with Kylie to celebrate her 19th birthday 

Feeling anxious? Nope, not Tyga! The rapper seemed totally relaxed while enjoying a lavish vacation in Turks and Caicos with his girlfriend Jenner in honor of her 19th birthday.

TMZ has reported that Tyga might face arrest upon his return to Los Angeles, as the warrant issued against him is in both federal and Los Angeles systems. According to sources, U.S. Customs will take him into custody and contact authorities in Los Angeles for further proceedings. This could be due to Tyga being a high-profile rapper and his association with the Kardashians, which has made him more visible to law enforcement. The rapper has a three-year-old son with his ex Blac Chyna, who is now engaged and pregnant with Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian.

Fugitive: Tyga had a warrant issued for his arrest on Tuesday after he failed to attend a court hearing, but he is currently living it up in the Bahamas 

Tyga is currently enjoying his time in the Bahamas, despite a recent warrant issued for his arrest after he missed a court hearing.

Say selfie! Kylie cuddled a pal while on a yacht  

“Say cheese!” Kylie was caught snuggling up to a friend on a luxurious yacht.

She knows how to pose! Kylie stuck out her booty for the camera

Kylie demonstrates her posing skills as she proudly flaunts her backside for the camera.

Beach bums! The ladies had been posing for a snap for Kylie's Instagram

Hey there, beach lovers! The gals were striking a pose for Kylie’s Insta shot.

Just peachy: The star clearly had lots of bikini snaps to choose from 

Looking great: It’s evident that the celebrity had an abundance of bikini photos to pick from.

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