Lady Gaga Shows Off Killer Curves in Fitted Black Top and Fishtail Skirt While Enjoying a Hollywood Meal

Lady Gaga has taken to social media to express her pride in her physique. On Friday night, the singer left Pump Bar in West Hollywood and showcased her curves in a form-fitting outfit that accentuated her ample cleavage and pert derriere. Her bold fashion choice was as eye-catching as ever.

Marry the night: Lady Gaga was more than happy to highlight her ample cleavage and pert derriere in a figure-hugging look on Friday night

Lady Gaga opted for a figure-hugging outfit that showcased her ample cleavage and pert derriere during her Friday night out. Despite being modestly dressed compared to her previous looks, the 29-year-old pop diva still managed to catch everyone’s attention with her black high neck top and tight PVC fishtail skirt. To complete her look, she wore black heels and accessorized with a pair of quirky black sunglasses while sporting voluminous waves in her blonde locks. As her group left the venue, Lady Gaga was seen giving Pump Bar owner Lisa Vanderpump a goodbye kiss.

In great shape: The singer was seen leaving Pump Bar in West Hollywood in a typically eye-catching sartorial display

Looking fabulous: The vocalist was spotted exiting Pump Bar situated in West Hollywood, donning a fashion-forward attire that caught everyone’s attention.

Blonde bombshell: The 33-year-old was sure to turn heads as she teamed a black high neck top with a tight black PVC fishtail skirt

Blonde bombshell: The 33-year-old was rather moderately dressed compared to some of her previous looks

The stunning blonde, aged 33, definitely caught everyone’s attention when she paired a high neck black top with a fitted PVC fishtail skirt in black.

Shady lady: Adding height with black heels, the pop diva couldn’t help but accessorise with a quirky pair of black shades

The famous pop star elevated her height by wearing black heels and added a touch of quirkiness to her look with a pair of black sunglasses. Her presence attracted a crowd of fans and photographers, but it seemed that her driver received a ticket from a traffic warden for causing obstruction. Recently, the singer’s mother shared her thoughts about raising her daughter, who is known by her birth name Stefani Germanotta. In an article published in The Daily Beast, Cynthia Germanotta expressed her support for her “unique” daughter and how she had to learn the significance of kindness and the dangers of cruelty while growing up.

Strike a pose: The singer wore her blonde locks were styled into voluminous waves

Strike a pose: The vocalist rocked a fabulous hairstyle as her golden tresses cascaded into luscious waves.

Classy: Gaga was rather moderately dressed compared to some of her previous looks

Classy: Gaga was rather moderately dressed compared to some of her previous looks

Chic: Gaga opted for a more toned-down outfit, which was a departure from her usual bold fashion choices.

No horrors here: The star will be showcasing her acting skills thanks to an upcoming role in American Horror Story: Hotel

No scares to be found: The celebrity will be exhibiting her acting abilities in an upcoming part on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Ready for her close up: Gaga was happy to pose up a storm for the fans and cameramen waiting to see her

Ready for her close up: Gaga was happy to pose up a storm for the fans and cameramen waiting to see her

Prepared for the spotlight, Gaga enthusiastically struck poses for her admirers and the cameras eagerly anticipating her appearance.

She had a knack for creativity and stayed true to her individuality, but unfortunately, her peers weren’t always accepting of her distinctive qualities. This led to instances where they would mock, shame, or isolate her. It pained her to go through these hurtful experiences, and it was equally heart-wrenching for me to witness.

Ta-rah darling: The Born This Way hitmaker was seen giving Pump Bar owner Lisa Vanderpump a fond goodbye kiss

Goodbye, my dear: Lady Gaga was spotted giving a warm farewell kiss to Lisa Vanderpump, the owner of Pump Bar.

Centre of attention: The Paparazzi hitmaker drew quite the crowd as fans and photographers scrambled to get their shot of the singer

The singer known for her hit song “Paparazzi” caused quite a commotion as both fans and photographers rushed to capture a glimpse of her. She was definitely the center of attention.

In good company: Lady GaGa's mother Cynthia Germanotta joined her daughter for the night out

Lady GaGa enjoyed the company of her mother Cynthia Germanotta during their night out.

Firm friends: Gaga's mother and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa were seen walking hand-in-hand to the car

Lady Gaga’s mother and Lisa, a star from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, were spotted walking hand-in-hand to their car, signifying their close friendship. The mother and daughter duo have started an Emotion Revolution for the Born This Way Foundation, a movement aimed at helping troubled young people find their own inner beauty. Alongside her work for the foundation, Gaga has confirmed her performance at the Montreux Jazz 2015 festival in July, where she will reunite with Bennett once again. With all this on her plate, the 29-year-old singer – whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – is also planning her nuptials with her 33-year-old fiancé Taylor Kinney, after he proposed on Valentine’s Day.

Move it: It appeared that Gaga's driver was approached by a warden and allegedly given a ticket for blocking traffic

Let’s get moving: It seems that Gaga’s chauffeur was approached by a traffic enforcer and supposedly issued a citation for causing a traffic jam.

Make way: The singer was seen in the passenger sear as her driver was approached by the warden

Move over: The vocalist was spotted sitting in the front seat while a traffic official approached her driver.

And she's off: Gaga was without her handsome fiance Taylor Kinney for the night out

Off she goes: Gaga was out and about without her charming partner Taylor Kinney for the evening.

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