“Hailey Baldwin’s Humble Perspective on Supermodel Status: Revealed in Harper’s Bazaar Interview”

There are different types of drama, including girl drama, boy drama, and sibling drama. However, there’s a unique type of drama that only supermodels can bring – Supermodel Drama. It’s not something we hear about often as supermodels tend to shy away from interviews. But when it does happen, it’s epic because supermodels have perfected the art of throwing shade in an industry that thrives on criticism and cattiness (just look at Tom Ford, Anna Wintour, or Karl Lagerfeld for examples). And let’s not forget all the hunger they suppress – that can’t be good for anyone’s mood.

The ongoing feud between supermodels Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks is well-known, largely due to Tyra’s persistence in bringing it up every year or so. The story behind it is that Tyra ventured to Paris to pursue modeling, only to encounter Naomi, who was already a top model at the time. This led to an intense rivalry fueled by the fashion industry’s unwritten rule of having only one black model per shoot or runway show during that era. According to Tyra, Naomi went out of her way to derail her career by getting her fired from shows and causing her immense stress. As a result, Tyra left the runway and found great success in the swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret modeling industry, not to mention building a successful post-modeling career empire.

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a decade since the iconic showdown between Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell on the set of Tyra’s talk show. The tension was palpable as Tyra took control and confronted her perceived rival. The audience was noticeably absent, likely because the situation was deemed too emotional for Tyra. Throughout the 42-minute segment, Naomi’s facial expressions essentially conveyed a message of “I don’t know her.” It was an instant classic moment in television history.

In the mentioned incident, Naomi showed a rare moment of vulnerability and confessed her envy for Tyra’s relationship with her mother. However, Tyra used this as an opportunity to blame Naomi for destroying her runway career. This behavior can be considered as an expert level of throwing shade and being petty. When Tyra accused Naomi of getting her fired from Versace, Naomi responded by asking if Tyra ever knew Gianni Versace. The conversation ended with tears and hugs, but it is still questionable whether Tyra and Naomi actually became friends or genuinely liked each other. Although they have posed for photos at award shows, their friendship remains uncertain. If you haven’t watched that episode yet, click here.

Tyra Banks recently spoke in an interview about her ongoing fear of Naomi Campbell, who she said did not physically harm her despite the rumors. She also expressed that Naomi’s competitive behavior was understandable, as Tyra’s arrival in the modeling industry signaled the end of Naomi’s reign. Tyra insinuated that she could have taken Naomi’s spot at the top but chose to step back from the drama, allowing Naomi to continue her success. Tyra has a reputation for being a peacemaker among models, bridging the gap between older and younger generations in the industry. In a related interview, Hailey Baldwin discussed how younger models have respect for their predecessors in the industry.

Hailey Baldwin, a young model, has sparked controversy by referring to herself and her peers as businesspeople instead of supermodels. While some believe that she is putting herself on the same level as Gigi and Kendall, many consider this to be a humblebrag and feel that she is not yet at their level. Hailey has been told that she will never be as successful as Kate Moss, but this is not an insult given Kate’s legendary status in the fashion industry. Despite having a successful career at a young age, Hailey should avoid making comparisons to the greats until she has achieved similar feats. In the meantime, she can continue to focus on building her brand and gaining followers on Instagram.

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