Hailey Baldwin basks in Justin Bieber’s affectionate embrace over breakfast date in crop top outfit

The couple is still in the early stages of their relationship and very much in love. Justin Bieber wasn’t afraid to show off his adoration for his wife, Hailey Bieber, during their breakfast outing in West Hollywood. The 26-year-old singer was seen snuggling up to his 23-year-old partner, proving that their love is still going strong.

Young and in love: Justin Bieber did not shy away from expressing his affection for wife Hailey Bieber in West Hollywood on Sunday

Justin Bieber was unafraid to show his love for his wife, Hailey Bieber, during a recent outing in West Hollywood. The singer was caught on camera gently adjusting Hailey’s ‘Drew’ face mask, while placing a tender thumb against her cheek. Even though Hailey seemed preoccupied with her phone, Justin wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his head against her shoulder, showering her with affection. It was clear that Justin was smitten with his stunning wife, who was dressed to impress in an ab-baring crop top and skin-tight shorts.

Hold me: Bieber wrapped his arms around his wife as she scrolled through her phone

Bieber’s loving gesture: He embraced his wife while she checked her phone.

Legs get together! The model put on a leggy display as she approached the restaurant with her husband

Come on, legs! The model flaunted her long limbs as she headed towards the restaurant with her spouse. Despite the scorching weather, Justin rocked a loose ‘Bieber’ sweatshirt, shorts, backwards cap, and bright yellow knee-high socks. To add to the fun, Justin showed off his playful side in a TikTok post later that day.

Going green: The model carried two healthy-looking smoothies

Embracing sustainability: The gorgeous model was seen holding a couple of refreshing smoothies that were brimming with wholesome goodness.

Looking fab: Hailey looked stunning in her athletic wear

Hailey appeared absolutely gorgeous in her sports attire. Justin, on the other hand, shared a shirtless video of himself singing to his song Intention. He crooned the lyrics “Picture perfect you don’t need no filter” to his audience with great passion. Ironically, the video was filtered with Justin’s eyes, glasses, and lips distorted. It’s not long before they reach their second wedding anniversary.

Heavily filtered: Later that day Justin was in a much sillier mood while posting to his TikTok account

Justin was feeling quite playful in the evening as he uploaded a post on his TikTok profile with an abundance of filters.

Sing a song: 'Picture perfect you don't need no filter,' he serenaded to the camera

As he gazed into the lens, he sang a sweet tune: “You look so flawless, no editing required.”

Remember when: The photo was taken from their trip to Anguilla, and captured Justin pulling a hair tie off of Hailey's wrist

Do you recall that moment when Justin plucked a hair tie off of Hailey’s wrist during their trip to Anguilla? It was way back in 2015, when rumors of their relationship first began swirling. Fast forward a few years and the couple ultimately tied the knot not once, but twice – first at a courthouse in NYC in 2018, and then in a grander ceremony a year later. Recently on Friday, Justin reminisced about their early romance by sharing the aforementioned throwback photo on social media. In it, he can be seen with his blonde hair tied back as he playfully takes the hair tie from Hailey. It’s amazing how things have changed since that fateful trip to Anguilla!

Meanwhile: Bieber was spotted heading to the gym in LA on Monday

In the meantime, on Monday, Bieber was seen making his way to a gym located in Los Angeles.

LA Love: Bieber wore a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey for his workout session

Bieber showed his love for LA by donning a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey during his workout.

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