“From Brunette to Blonde: Lady Gaga’s Beach Getaway in the Bahamas with Bleached Brows”

Lady Gaga was spotted flaunting her beach-ready body in the Bahamas. The singer donned a green crochet bikini while catching some waves, and drew attention to her freshly bleached eyebrows. Gaga had already turned heads with her platinum blonde hair, which she debuted about a month ago. Keeping her look casual, the star wore her hair in simple pigtails and enjoyed a fuss-free day on the sand.

Bathing beauty: A bikini-clad Lady Gaga debuted her newly bleached eyebrows while splashing in the Bahamas surf on Wednesday

Lady Gaga was spotted in the Bahamas wearing a bikini, revealing her newly bleached eyebrows and flaunting her heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. The singer’s beach attire also displayed more than 14 black tattoos, while the right side of her body remained ink-free as it was requested by her father Joseph Germanotta to keep it “slightly normal”. In a Q&A session at Google HQ in 2011, she humorously shared her father’s request with the audience.

Peroxide enthusiast: Taking blonde ambition to the next level, the 29-year-old pop diva had dyed her naturally brunette locks platinum a month ago

With a passion for peroxide, the 29-year-old pop star took her blonde ambition to new heights by transforming her natural brunette hair into a stunning platinum hue just one month ago.

Dancing in the water? The six-time Grammy winner rocked fuss-free pigtails as she showcased her curvaceous form in a green crochet two-piece

Have you ever considered dancing while submerged in water? Recently, the renowned artist who has been awarded six Grammys, was seen flaunting her curvy physique in a green crocheted two-piece. The singer opted for fuss-free pigtails to complement her look.

Wedding bling: Gaga - born Stefani Germanotta - paired her sexy swimwear with her massive heart-shaped diamond engagement ring

Gaga, whose birth name is Stefani Germanotta, flaunted her stunning diamond engagement ring while sporting a sexy swimsuit. She revealed that she only has tattoos on her left side and thinks her right side represents her Marilyn Monroe side, while the left represents her Iggy Pop side according to her fiancé’s perception. The singer was possibly staying at The Cove Atlantis after her performance at Atlantis Paradise Island over the weekend. The resort offers various luxurious amenities such as white sand beaches, pools, a casino, spa, water park, dolphin cay, and a marine habitat that houses over 50,000 aquatic animals. Gaga shared a beach photo with her 116.8 million followers on social media and captioned it with “I take a Bahama mama.”

Not born this way: Mother Monster's bathing suit also gave beach goers an eyeful of her 14 plus black tattoos

Lady Gaga, also known as Mother Monster, was spotted at the beach wearing a bathing suit that showed off her 14 black tattoos. Contrary to popular belief, these tattoos were not something she was born with. Beach goers were in for a treat as they caught a glimpse of her unique body art.

'[He] sees [my right] as my Marilyn Monroe side, and he sees [my left] as my Iggy Pop side': However, Gaga keep the right side of her body ink-free for her father Joseph Germanotta

According to Gaga, her right side represents her Marilyn Monroe persona while the left embodies her inner Iggy Pop. Interestingly, Gaga has chosen to keep her right side tattoo-free as a tribute to her father, Joseph Germanotta.

Chilling in the Caribbean: It's likely that the Applause hitmaker was staying at The Cove Atlantis having just performed Saturday at the Atlantis Paradise Island

Kicking back in the Caribbean: It seems that the famous singer, known for her popular song “Applause,” was probably lodging at The Cove Atlantis resort after her recent performance at Atlantis Paradise Island on Saturday.

Cheeky: The beautiful resort boasts three white sand beaches, 11 pools, a casino, spa, a 141-acre water park, dolphin cay, and marine habitat with 50,000 aquatic animals

Playful: Imagine relaxing on three stunning white sand beaches, taking dips in 11 pools, trying your luck at the casino, indulging in a pampering spa treatment, exploring a 141-acre water park or swimming with marine creatures at Dolphin Cay. This beautiful resort has it all!
According to her trainer Harley Pasternak, the Till It Happens to You singer Lady Gaga is all about working hard and playing harder. Pasternak has worked with other celebrities such as Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson, and he believes that Gaga loves her body. She’s always been someone who prioritizes fitness, and she’s never let herself go.

Gaga captioned a beach snap to her combined 116.8M followers on social media: 'I take a Bahama mama...Work hard, play hard. Work hard again, play harder'

In a recent post on social media, Gaga shared a photo of herself on the beach with the caption: “Enjoying a Bahama mama… balancing work and play. After working hard, it’s time to have some fun before going back to work again.”

The man behind her figure: The Till It Happens to You belter's trainer Harley Pasternak has helped sculpt the bodies of Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson

The mastermind behind her physique: Harley Pasternak, the fitness coach of the Till It Happens to You singer, has also worked his magic on the toned physiques of popular celebrities like Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson.

The 40-year-old fitness guru told Page Six this week: 'I think [Gaga] loves her body. Historically, she's someone who is always fit, but she's not someone who really ever let herself go'

In an interview with Page Six, the fitness expert who is 40 years old shared his opinion about Lady Gaga’s body. According to him, he believes that Gaga has a positive attitude towards her body and takes good care of it. He also mentioned that she has always been in good shape and has never neglected her physical health.

'She's someone who likes to eat well': But don't expect the Italian-American songstress to starve herself before marrying Taylor Kinney (pictured in September)

The Italian-American singer enjoys good food, but she won’t be depriving herself of it before tying the knot with actor Taylor Kinney.

'I'm marrying a Kinney, I know how to get c**try': Lady Gaga had her 33-year-old fiancé on her mind when she shared fishing snaps aboard a boat on Monday

Lady Gaga shared some fishing pictures aboard a boat on Monday, and it seems her 33-year-old fiancé, Taylor Kinney, was on her mind. However, she won’t be starving herself before the wedding as she loves to eat well and enjoys healthy versions of Italian food, salads, and Japanese food. Despite this, she knows how to embrace her c**try side, especially since she is marrying into the Kinney family. According to her book, “5 Pounds,” when she focuses on something creatively, there is nothing she can’t do. Overall, Lady Gaga is a very healthy person who enjoys a balance of nutritious meals and indulgent treats.

Flower-laden piano: On Thursday, the Do What U Want singer shared a video of herself performing a solo, vibrato-style rendition of John Lennon's Imagine

A piano decorated with beautiful flowers was the backdrop as the popular singer, Do What U Want, showcased her musical talent in a recent video. She performed an individual and emotive version of John Lennon’s classic, Imagine, adding vibrato to her voice for a unique touch.

Imagine there's no heaven: Lady Gaga served as the opening performer for the Baku 2015 European Olympic Games on June 12 at the packed Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan

Picture a world without paradise: Lady Gaga kicked off the Baku 2015 European Olympic Games with a captivating performance on June 12th in front of a full house at Azerbaijan’s Olympic Stadium.

Cheek to Cheek Tour: The wig-loving crooner will return to her native Manhattan for a four-night stand with Tony Bennett beginning Saturday at Radio City Music Hall (pictured June 8) 

Lady Gaga, the singer known for her love of wigs, is set to perform with Tony Bennett for a four-night show at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, starting on Saturday. She also recently shared a video of herself performing a solo rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine in a vibrato-style. The star has also been making headlines for her relationship with her fiancé, Taylor Kinney, who stars on NBC’s Chicago Fire. During a recent interview, she joked about how she’s “marrying a Kinney” and knows how to get “c**try,” referencing her beau’s Pennsylvania roots. Additionally, Lady Gaga performed as the opening act for the Baku 2015 European Olympic Games at the packed Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan.

'A twisted fantasy. My favorite kind!' Matt will next attempt to seduce Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga, in American Horror Story: Hotel

“I absolutely love a twisted fantasy – it’s my favorite kind!” The New York local is gearing up to shoot the 13-episode fifth installment of American Horror Story: Hotel, which is set to debut on FX in October.

Creator Ryan Murphy tweeted last week: 'Finn Wittrock is checking into HOTEL. Who will Gaga choose - Finn or Matt Bomer? #AHSHotel'

On Wednesday, Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, took to Twitter to announce that Finn Wittrock will be joining the cast of AHS: Hotel. Murphy also posed a question to fans, asking who Lady Gaga’s character will choose – Finn or Matt Bomer?

Dandy Mott or Andy? Regardless of whom her character chooses, Gaga will certainly have two very handsome men to act with on the twisted series

Dandy Mott or Andy? Regardless of whom her character chooses, Gaga will certainly have two very handsome men to act with on the twisted series

Lady Gaga is set to star in the 13-episode fifth season of American Horror Story: Hotel, which will air on FX in October. Creator Ryan Murphy tweeted that Finn Wittrock will be joining the cast, and posed the question of who Gaga’s character will choose between him and Matt Bomer. Regardless of her choice, Gaga will have two attractive co-stars to act alongside on the show. Gaga has previously demonstrated her acting skills in films such as Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, where she played Bertha, and Machete Kills, where she played La Camaleón.

If looks could kill: Meanwhile, exiting AHS player Jessica Lange addressed her 'replacement' following her shady reaction to a question about the singer at PaleyFest in March

If appearances had lethal consequences: At the same time, Jessica Lange, who departed from AHS, talked about the singer who was speculated to take her place, after giving a shady response to a question at PaleyFest in March.

The 66-year-old Oscar winner told The Daily Beast this week: 'I have no idea if she's an actor or not. But I'm sure it will all work out...It's a good start'

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the 66-year-old Academy Award winner was asked about Lady Gaga’s role in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Despite not knowing if the singer is an actor or not, the actress expressed confidence that everything will turn out well, saying “It’s a good start.” Meanwhile, former AHS cast member Jessica Lange was also asked about the pop star’s involvement. While avoiding any direct comments about Gaga, Lange assured fans that the singer will be surrounded by great actors and will have excellent writing to work with.

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