“Demi Lovato’s Surprise Announcement: Get Ready for an Epic Metal Version of ‘Heart Attack’!”

Demi Lovato is taking a new direction in her music career by exploring the rock genre. The singer recently surprised her fans by announcing the release of a revamped version of her hit song “Heart Attack”, but with a rock twist. This exciting news showcases Lovato’s versatility as an artist and proves that she is not afraid to try new things.

Interview: Demi Lovato's journey back to their rock roots

The song “Heart Attack” was originally released in 2013 as a single from Demi Lovato’s album “Demi”. The track quickly became one of the biggest hits of her career and reached the Top 10 of music charts globally. A decade later, Demi decided to revamp the track and create a metal version.
She teased a snippet of the new version on her Instagram profile and announced that it would be released on Friday, March 24th with the caption: “‘Heart Attack’ but make it rock”.

Interview: Demi Lovato's journey back to their rock roots

It’s important to mention that in 2022, the sound of their tracks took a sharp turn from pop to rock with the release of “Holy Fvck” album. The new sound was heavier, bolder, and more metal which included hits like “29”, “SUBSTANCE”, and “SKIN OF MY TEETH”. In the music video for “Still Alive”, the theme track from “P├ónico VI”, Demi Lovato confronts Ghostface.

Interview: Demi Lovato's journey back to their rock roots

Currently, Demi Lovato is actively promoting the theme song “Still Alive” for the horror movie “Panic VI” by Paramount Pictures. The singer has written the lyrics herself alongside Mike Shinoda, a member of Linkin Park, and worked with Laura Veltz on previous tracks like “29” and “FEED.”

Demi expressed that there’s no better place for her song ‘Still Alive’ than in the world of ‘Scream’. She admires the movies a lot and feels privileged to be a part of such a renowned horror series.

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