“Demi Lovato’s Brave Journey of Embracing Their Nonbinary Identity with Courage and Authenticity”

Demi Lovato has been refreshingly honest about her personal experiences with gender identity and sexuality in recent times, and has left no stone unturned with her candidness.

Demi Lovato's Coming Out Journey: Everything They've Said

In August 2022, the singer of “Cool for the Summer” revealed on the “Spout Podcast” that she had adopted her former pronouns “she/her” once again because she had been feeling more feminine. This change came over a year after she announced that she identified as non-binary and preferred to be referred to with the pronouns “they/them.” In May 2021, the artist “Dancing With the Devil” shared on Instagram that she had gone through a lot of self-reflection and healing before identifying as non-binary. The singer further explained in a June 2021 interview on Audacy Check In that, after exploring what felt right for her, it was time to let the world know that being called “she” or “her” felt strange. She understood that adapting to new pronouns could be challenging but encouraged people to keep trying and to view it as a process.

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Lovato shared on Audacy Check In that her perspective on family has changed, and she now considers her queer family as more of a family than friends. She feels that she has two families – her blood relatives and her chosen family. Lovato was engaged to Max Ehrich in 2020 but their breakup the following year allowed her to embrace her queerness. She realized that she identified outside the gender binary and came out with they/them pronouns. Later on, she announced that she has returned to using she/her pronouns. Lovato hopes that by sharing her journey, she can help others who also identify outside the gender binary.

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In May 2021, the singer known for her hit song “Heart Attack” shared a message on Instagram in support of those who struggle to be true to themselves with their loved ones. She expressed her love and support for them and encouraged them to keep living in their truth. During an interview with Jane Fonda on Fire Drill Friday in June 2021, Lovato talked about how her upbringing in Dallas, Texas as a Christian influenced her understanding of gender identity and sexuality. She described herself as a fluid and free-spirited person.

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According to Lovato, she was uncertain about her identity in the beginning and refused to diminish herself for the benefit of the patriarchy. She revealed that growing up in the South as a Christian, being attracted to women at 10 years old, and not comprehending the meaning of it all was quite bewildering. Furthermore, due to the region’s lack of openness, it made things more challenging.

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