“Demi Lovato Sizzles in All-White Outfit at Pre-Grammy Brunch, Snaps Selfies with Former Flame Joe Jonas”

The Pre-Grammy Brunch was a star-studded event that saw the attendance of big names like Demi Lovato, who was there with Roc Nation in Los Angeles last Saturday. The 24-year-old flaunted her fashionable outfit and confident demeanor as she posed for several pictures. Keep scrolling to watch the video.

Nothing wrong with being 'Confident:' Demi Lovato attended the Pre-Grammy Brunch in Los Angeles on Saturday

Demi Lovato was spotted looking fabulous at the Pre-Grammy Brunch in Los Angeles over the weekend. The singer wore a stunning MILLY white top paired with a matching skirt that featured cute little holes, adding an extra touch of charm to her overall appearance. The flowy hem of the skirt added a spring vibe to her outfit, making her look even more gorgeous. While she showed off her chest and midriff, Demi covered her legs and confidently flaunted her unique style.

Beautiful gown: The 24-year-old donned a MILLY white skirt with a matching top that showed her curves and unique style

Stunning Dress: The gorgeous 24-year-old rocked a MILLY white skirt and top combo that accentuated her curves and showcased her individual flair. To complete the look, she chose a sleek pair of white heels and allowed her dark brown locks to cascade down her back. With the straps of the outfit resting on her shoulders, several of Demi’s tattoos were visible on her arms and feet. As she eagerly anticipates the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, the ‘Confident’ artist may have some exciting surprises in store.

Star quality: The pop star expressed her strong persona in more photos

Star quality: The pop star expressed her strong persona in more photos

The celebrity showcased her powerful personality in additional snapshots.

Tatted up: The singer showed off tattoos on her wrists and feet

In a recent display, the artist proudly flaunted her wrist and foot tattoos. Demi Lovato, who has been in the music industry for quite some time now, has finally received her first Grammy nomination, specifically for Best Pop Vocal Album. Joining her in this category are other big names like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Sia, and Adele. Another exciting thing to look forward to is Demi’s performance at the Grammy Awards, where she will be joined by Andra Day and Tori Kelly.

Isn't she lovely: The 'Stone Cold' singer posted a selfie on Instagram in her white outfit

A photo recently shared by the talented ‘Stone Cold’ singer on her Instagram account shows her in a stunning white outfit. This picture was taken during her presence at the Pre-Grammy Brunch. She can be seen standing beside a pool, looking directly into the camera with her captivating eyes. The caption accompanying the photo was a simple heart emoji.

All pretty: Demi crossed her feet in another fashion pic

Demi showed off another stylish pose in her latest picture by crossing her feet. The photo captured her looking stunning as usual.

Wavy everywhere: As her dress flowed down to her legs, the Grammy nominee's brown hair fell past her shoulders

The Grammy nominee’s dress cascaded down to her legs while her long brown hair gently fell past her shoulders- creating a beautiful wavy effect. In October of last year, Demi had a candid conversation with Glamour about her personal life and her outlook on sexuality. She explained that discovering one’s sexuality takes time and effort, but she is proud of the progress she has made so far. Demi emphasized the importance of exploration in finding oneself sexually and how it is a continuous process that evolves with age. Despite not having all the answers, Demi is content with where she currently stands.

Snap time! The brunette beauty added several new photos to her Snapchat page that show her taking selfies of herself and friends. Here she is with Joe Jonas (right)

Snap time! The brunette beauty added several new photos to her Snapchat page that show her taking selfies of herself and friends. Here she is with Joe Jonas (right)

It’s time for some snaps! The gorgeous lady with brown hair recently shared fresh pictures on her Snapchat profile, capturing her posing for selfies with her pals. In one of the snaps, she’s seen standing next to Joe Jonas on the right.

Group shot: Demi got together with the Jonas brother and some other pals for a fun pic

Demi and the Jonas brothers along with some other friends gathered for a cool group photo.

Demi has been sharing numerous snapshots on Snapchat showcasing the amazing time she’s having with her squad at the brunch. She’s seen flashing a bright smile in plenty of selfies with some of the most notable individuals. The good news is that Demi has been successful in capturing a perfect selfie with each and every friend.

The entertainer was seemingly addicted to taking selfies as she continuously snapped more pictures with her buddies.

Photo bomber: Chord Overstreet randomly showed up over Demi's shoulder in another picture

Chord Overstreet unexpectedly appeared behind Demi in a photo, making him the ultimate photo bomber.

Take a look at this: Demi shared additional photos of her attire from various perspectives.

So happy: Demi is about to have a blast when she performs at the Grammy Awards this Sunday

Ecstatic with joy, Demi is eagerly looking forward to having an amazing time during her performance at the upcoming Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

More guests: Joe Jonas (second from left) also attended the Pre-Grammy Brunch with Cole Whittle (left), JinJo Lee (second from right) and Jack Lawless (right)

More guests: Joe Jonas (second from left) also attended the Pre-Grammy Brunch with Cole Whittle (left), JinJo Lee (second from right) and Jack Lawless (right)

The Pre-Grammy Brunch had a few more attendees, including Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJo Lee, and Jack Lawless.

Keeping it sharp: The Jonas brother wore black attire with a blue jacket to the event

Staying stylish: At the event, Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle were among the new musicians to join Roc Nation. Joe looked sharp in his all-black outfit with a snazzy blue jacket, complemented by his rugged facial hair. While the Jonas brother opted for a classy look, other attendees decided to go for more eccentric fashion choices.

Suave guy: Chord Overstreet arrived in a button-up shirt with grey jeans

Cool dude: Chord Overstreet graced the paparazzi with his presence looking sharp and stylish. He donned a sophisticated grey button-up shirt paired with sleek jeans and a black jacket that exuded suave vibes. With his blonde hair perfectly combed to the side, he completed his outfit with black shoes that added an extra touch of sophistication. As he posed for the cameras, he effortlessly captured everyone’s attention.

Another brother: Nick Jonas put on a grey coat with blue striped pants to the ceremony

Another sibling, Nick Jonas, donned a stylish grey coat paired with blue striped pants for the event.

Fun guy: The 24-year-old added on a pair of brown shoes to go with his outfit

Cool dude: To complete his look, the young man of 24 donned a stylish pair of brown shoes.

Nick Jonas was spotted at the event wearing a stylish grey jacket paired with blue striped pants. He is set to join Camila Cabello, Jason Derulo, and Katharine McPhee as presenters for the upcoming Grammy Awards, which will air on CBS at 5 p.m. PT on Sunday, February 12th.

So many celebs! Jay Z (middle) arrived to the private residence with Fat Joe (second from left) and Sean Combs (right)

Wow, there were so many famous people at the private residence! Jay Z was spotted in the middle, alongside Fat Joe on his left and Sean Combs on his right.

Awesome day: The music stars bonded together and appeared to have a blast

What a fantastic day it was! The musicians came together and seemed to have a great time. In the afternoon, the legendary Jay Z showed up at the event accompanied by Fat Joe and Sean Combs. Beyonce’s spouse donned a maroon jacket and a white shirt as he hung out with his pals. Furthermore, Jay appeared to relax and unwind as he enjoyed a cigar.

I made it: Justine Skye arrived to the event in an outfit that definitely sparked attention

I made it: Justine Skye arrived to the event in an outfit that definitely sparked attention

Justine Skye made quite an entrance at the event as all eyes were drawn to her attention-grabbing outfit.

Check me out now: The singer sported a pink top with frilly green material in front

Take a look at this: The vocalist showed off her fashion sense wearing a pink top with green frills on the front. As more attendees arrived at the event, Justine Skye, the singer, was among them. She made quite an entrance with her cool ensemble, which demonstrated her preference for dressing up for significant occasions. Her choice of clothing for the night was a pink top with frilly green details on the chest area.

What a dish: The 21-year-old showed off the purple shade in her hair

What a dish: The 21-year-old showed off the purple shade in her hair

Wow! The 21-year-old flaunted her fabulous purple locks.

Pearly whites: The young lady flashed her lovely smile upon her arrival

Upon her arrival, the young lady greeted everyone with a beautiful smile that showcased her pearly white teeth.

That's some skirt: Justine finished her look with a silver skirt that blended nicely with her top

Check out that skirt! Justine pulled off an eye-catching outfit by pairing a silver skirt with pink hues to complement her top. The gorgeous ensemble perfectly highlighted her lengthy legs, as she posed for the camera with a genuine smile. To add a bit more flair, she sported purple highlights in her hair for an even more colorful touch.

We match: Jaden Smith came to the party in a maroon jacket that matched with Jay Z's

We were happy to see Jaden Smith at the shindig sporting a striking maroon jacket that perfectly complemented Jay Z’s attire.

That's some hair: The 18-year-old tied his hair around his head while standing with Ricky Bell

Check out this guy’s hair! An 18-year-old attendee of the party was seen with his hair tied up around his head while chatting with Ricky Bell. But the excitement didn’t stop there, as Jaden Smith soon showed up and brought even more fun to the event. He rocked a maroon jacket that perfectly matched with Jay Z’s outfit, and also had his own unique hairdo with his locks tied forward around his head. It was definitely a look worth flaunting for the cameras.

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