Demi Lovato Rocks Y2K-Inspired Bangs in Latest Music Video Featuring Paris Hilton

Demi Lovato has recently released a new song called “Substance” accompanied by a music video that features a ’90s and Y2K-inspired theme. In the video, Lovato flaunts a blunt bob cut with thick bangs. The video opens with Lovato disrupting a board meeting while donning a collared minidress and a cropped blazer. They proceed to smash platinum records hanging on the wall with a bat. Throughout the video, Lovato participates in activities such as a diner food fight, a beach shoot, and a pillow fight in a graffiti-covered home. They wear a white silk and lace slip dress that gets covered in spray paint during the pillow fight scene. In one part of the video, Lovato encounters a woman frying eggs in a pan who mouths the phrase, “This is your brain on drugs,” which is a reference to the public service announcement from the ’80s and ’90s.

Demi Lovato Substance Music Video | Demi lovato style, Demi lovato, Demi

Towards the conclusion of the music video, Demi Lovato is accompanied by none other than Paris Hilton, who was a cultural icon in the early 2000s. The duo hop onto a motorcycle in front of a backdrop with logos, and Paris ignites a dynamite just before the screen fades to black. Demi’s latest release, a pop-punk anthem, possesses all the qualities of a classic Blink-182 tune from the early 2000s. This track marks the second single from her upcoming album, “Holy Fvck,” which is set to be released on August 19th.

Demi Lovato publica 'SUBSTANCE' - AllBoutPop

Demi expressed her eagerness to give a glimpse of what to expect from her upcoming album. She conveyed her intention to create a song that would connect with everyone who is looking for something more in life. The goal is to make the audience feel ecstatic and have fun while on this journey.

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