“Demi Lovato Flaunts Body Confidence in Leather Skirt Amidst ‘Thigh Gap’ Controversy”

Demi Lovato, the 22-year-old singer, recently posted an encouraging message on social media, urging women to love their bodies. She showcased her own body confidence by wearing a tight black leather skirt during an appearance on a showbiz-centred programme called Extra at Universal City, California on Tuesday. The casual outfit was perfect for the occasion.

Curvaceous: The former Disney star, pictured during an appearance on Extra at Universal City in California on Tuesday, was taunted in her former years for not being slender

Demi Lovato was recently seen at Universal City, California while making an appearance on Extra. The former Disney star wore a short-sleeved heather-grey top tucked into a garment with an arched hemline, paired with strappy black leather heels. She combed her chin-length black hair down and sported natural makeup that complemented her look. Demi was accompanied by her cute white pooch, Buddy, whom she carried along with her. She even chatted with host Mario Lopez while snuggling up to her furry companion.

Looking good: The 22-year-old singer went casual as she filmed for the showbiz-centred programme

Appearing camera ready, the young vocalist opted for a laid-back look while being recorded for the entertainment-focused show.

Body confident: The former Disney star scintillated in a figure hugging leather skirt

Looking stunning and oozing body confidence, the ex-Disney actress showed off her curves in a tight leather skirt that hugged her figure perfectly.

Curvaceous: Demi tucked a grey top into the leather skirt which she matched with strappy heels

Demi paired a leather skirt with a grey top and strappy heels, highlighting her curves.

Starlet: The X Factor star  looked quite happy to be there as she beamed on the outing

The X Factor celebrity, Starlet, appeared delighted as she was photographed while out and about with her pet. She not only showed affection towards her furry companion but also towards her fans who had come to see her. Starlet waved towards her supporters before the interview began and after it ended, she took the time to sign autographs and even took selfies with some of them so that they wouldn’t leave empty-handed. Her actions are commendable and make her an inspiration to her followers. Recently, she posted a picture of herself in a bikini on Instagram, accompanied by a message about being confident in one’s body. In her post, the beautiful brunette wrote to her 11.7 million followers, stating that “you don’t have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful,” regardless of what society tells you these days.

Furry friend: Demi was not alone as she brought along her adorable white dog Buddy

Demi had some company on her outing with her cute furry companion, Buddy, a precious white dog.

Tender love and care: The former child star carefully carried around the pooch on set

Affectionate attention: The ex-young actor tenderly held onto the little canine while on location.

You're a star: Buddy even made an appearance during the interview as Demi chatted it up with Mario Lopez

Buddy, Demi’s furry companion, joined her during an interview with Mario Lopez. Demi was at ease while talking to Mario and even had Buddy by her side to add to the relaxed vibe.

Loving and accepting your body just the way it is, is possible. It’s all about fitness, health, acceptance and self-love. Demi Lovato, a popular artist, has experienced her own struggles related to weight. She openly shared about her eating disorder that she had suffered as a teenager with Seventeen Magazine in 2011. She explained that she started overeating at a very young age and then almost stopped eating altogether at the age of 12 due to bullying she faced at school for being “fat.”

Lovely lady: She made sure her fans felt the loved as she waved to them before the interview

The charming lady spread affection among her admirers by waving at them before the interview, ensuring they felt appreciated.

Natural beauty: The actress wore her dark chin-length tresses down as she had complimentary make-up on her face

The celebrity showcased her stunning natural features by leaving her short, black hair loose around her face. Her makeup perfectly complemented her look.

Friendly to fans: After chatting it up with the host, she met with several of her lucky fans

Being sociable to her fans, she engaged in conversation with the host before encountering a group of fortunate admirers.

Selfie time: The brunette beauty even stopped to take pictures with her lucky followers

The gorgeous brunette took some time to pose for selfies with her fortunate admirers. Demi had opened up about her struggle with bulimia and how it was triggered by low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and body shaming. She also mentioned that society’s unrealistic beauty standards often contribute to these negative feelings. In 2010, she checked into rehab to address her emotional and physical issues.

'You don't need a thigh gap to be beautiful!' On Friday, Demi shared an inspirational message posting a bikini snap on Instagram

On Friday, Demi Lovato took to Instagram to share a positive message about beauty standards. She posted a picture of herself in a bikini and wrote, “You don’t have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful!” This uplifting statement is meant to encourage women to embrace their bodies, regardless of societal expectations. Lovato has been an advocate for body positivity throughout her career and continues to spread this empowering message on social media.

Training: The star tells her fans that it is important not concentrate on being skinny, but to concentrate on being fit and healthy 

The celebrity advises her followers to focus not on attaining a skinny figure but on achieving overall fitness and good health.

Struggles: Demi - pictured in 2008 - has been open about hr battle with bulimia

Demi, as shown in the picture from 2008, has been honest about her battle with bulimia.

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