Confessions of Lady Gaga: How She Impersonated Her Own Manager to Bag More Gigs (with a Cheesy English Accent)

Lady Gaga, a renowned artist who has made headlines at Coachella, is now set to perform in Vegas and fill entire stadiums. However, it wasn’t always so easy for her, as she revealed in an interview with Ellen. During her early days, she had to beg for gigs, and she didn’t even have a manager. In fact, she used to act as her own manager just to book shows.

Faker! Lady Gaga has admitted she used to pretend to be her own manager to try book herself gigs — complete with dodgy English accent

Lady Gaga has recently revealed that she used to impersonate her own manager in order to secure gigs when she was just starting out in her career. She explained that she made the decision to pursue singing at the age of 19 after struggling to find work as an actress. In an effort to book performances, she would carry her piano around New York City and knock on doors while pretending to be her own manager. Lady Gaga even went so far as speaking in a fake English accent to help maintain the ruse. Her strategy was simply to get the best gigs possible to further her musical aspirations.

Full circle: 'When I started my career, i decided around 19 years old that I was going to go for it as a singer, because I couldn't get any jobs as an actress,' she told the host

“When I was 19 years old and struggling to find acting jobs, I made the decision to pursue a career as a singer,” revealed the artist. Flash forward just over a decade later, and now she’s landed the lead role in Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star Is Born. Reflecting on their initial conversations about the project, Lady Gaga was struck by her co-star’s impressive singing abilities. As they bonded over their shared roots on the East Coast and Italian heritage, they found themselves chatting about life while heating up leftovers in the kitchen.”

Super star: Fast forward just 13 years and Miss Lady — as Ellen now refers to her — is about to play the lead role opposite Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut, A Star Is Born

In just a short span of 13 years, Miss Lady (as Ellen affectionately calls her) has become a superstar. She is set to take on the lead role in A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut. During a piano session together, they sang Midnight Special by Credence Clearwater Revival. Bradley’s voice caught Ellen off guard and she exclaimed, “Oh My Gosh Bradley… you can sing!” Ellen was impressed by Bradley’s soulful singing and shared that he is also an excellent songwriter, having written all of the songs for the film.

Got pipes: Speaking about their early discussions on the collaboration, the Mother Monster admitted she was blown away by her co-stars singing voice 

Have some serious vocal chops: When discussing their initial conversations about working together, Lady Gaga revealed that she was absolutely astounded by the singing abilities of her collaborator.

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