“An Inspiring Welcome to Demi: Courage and Resilience to Fuel Your Journey to Wellness”

Demi Lovato has recently returned home after completing another rehab stint in their ongoing battle against addiction, according to a reliable source. In her own words, Lovato has been candid about her struggles with addiction.

According to an insider close to the mother of Demi Lovato, the popular 29-year-old singer returned home for the holidays after attending rehab. The news was initially reported by Page Six. The source revealed that Lovato will be accompanied by a companion who will help them maintain a sober lifestyle during their transition. It was ultimately Lovato’s decision to return to rehab. Although the former child star has not discussed their latest recovery journey publicly, they have cleared their Instagram account except for one social media post from this week. Lovato’s journey towards sobriety became a topic of discussion last year after admitting that they were no longer “California sober.”

In a December 2021 Instagram Story post, former Sonny With Chance star Demi Lovato announced that they no longer support their “California sober” lifestyle and believe that being “sober sober” is the only way to go. This is a change from their earlier stance where they admitted to not completely cutting out marijuana or alcohol after their 2018 overdose and trying to find a balance between sobriety and a more relaxed approach. Lovato stated that an all-or-nothing approach to sobriety does not work for everyone, and people should make choices for themselves based on what works for them. Lovato’s hospitalization in 2018 after overdosing came just weeks after they had confirmed a relapse after six years of sobriety. They spent two weeks in the hospital followed by three months in rehab.

In their documentary Dancing With the Devil, the former Disney Channel star shared that they had experienced three strokes and a heart attack. The medical professionals who treated them informed that they only had five to ten minutes left. Demi Lovato compared their life to that of a cat, as they feel like they are on their ninth life. The singer is eager to return to their passion, which is creating music. Lovato has been to rehab multiple times, starting in 2010 when they were only 18 years old. In an interview with American Way in July 2016, they admitted to living recklessly and not expecting to live past 21. Although Lovato initially felt resentment for being seen as an inspiration, the responsibility now holds them accountable.

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